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perfect summer selfie

Taking the PERFECT SUMMER SELFIE is a must, especially when you are out of town or on vacation! Since, you don’t really get to spend a lot of time in that place, you have GOT to take as much pictures as possible!

Capturing the perfect summer selfie is hard, especially with all that sweating and lighting issues! So you know what?! We’re here to help you out! In this weeks #TalkTaylorToMe, we’re giving you some AMAZING selfie-taking tips that will keep you looking FLAWLESS this summer (;

Tip#1: Keep hydrated.

perfect summer selfie

You don’t want any dry skin showing up in your selfies, do you? Like I always mention… hydration = perfect skin! You’ll get that perfect glow that you need for that perfect selfie!

Tip#2: Cream products are a must.

perfect summer selfie

With the heat and all, surely you don’t want your makeup sliding all over your face. Stay away from powders as it only does little for our skin. Start out with a nice primer and keep the makeup a little light, just in case you get super sweaty! You are beautiful just the way you are (;

Tip#3: Blotting paper is your best friend.

perfect summer selfie

Too much shine on your face doesn’t look good in selfies. We are after that soft dewy skin, not shiny and oily skin – yep, there’s a difference!

Tip#4: Right lighting is key.

perfect summer selfie

Too much light can be overpowering for your complexion. Oh, and natural lighting looks good on everyone! So go to the nearest window to get that glowing selfie! OR you can get that awesome phone case that has the Kim K selfie lights around it (sooooo great!).

Tip#5: Find the perfect angle.

Play with your angles and see what works best. Once you got that, all your selfies will all be effortless!

Tip#6: Use the right app.

perfect summer selfie

Post-production is part of selfies. It doesn’t matter if it’s just in-camera effects, Instagram filters, or other apps – as long as you look good on it!

Bonus tip: Wear these! #OOTDs from TAYLOR MONROE BOUTIQUE!

perfect summer selfie

perfect summer selfie


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