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comfort and style

Heeey gals! Are you enjoying your SUMMER? I’m pretty sure you are all EXCITED to go out to hang out for coffee or tea with your girlfriends, or even drive around towns and enjoy the smell of SWEET SUMMER AIR! I bet some of you have even achieved that beach bod you have tirelessly worked on! Wouldn’t it be nice to have long walks on the beach? Yeah I miss it too so I might probably do that this week!

The best part about summer? We can finally wear those comfy clothes, but let’s tweak it a little bit. How about we go for COMFORT and STYLE? Yes! Glam and comfort! You don’t have to sacrifice one for another for there are a HANDFUL of ways to look SEXY in COMFY clothes! Don’t worry honey, I got you covered. We got some really TRENDY summer ideas for you!

Comfort And Style

Comfort with style! Let’s AIM for that goal. If we walk around the block we make sure that we’re bringin’ it! This one is a soft cold shoulder dress with a complement of chambray top tied around your waist then Jack sandals for your sexy feet! I’m telling you, you would look DASHING in this!

Comfort And Style

DENIMS are definitely in the trend! We got all your denim needs from shorts, skirts, dresses to shirts! You could even pair with our basic tanks and voila! PERFECTION!

Comfort And Style

Planning on going on a boat trip? Or like what I said earlier, long beach walks? SHOW OFF that beach bod with our custom and Lauren James suits!

Comfort And Style

We even have our SWIMSUITS on SALE for those who are hungry to shop for sexy swimwear for a sweet price! Swing by in our boutique before stocks run out!

How about that? Great right! Now let’s go out and have fun! Stay safe everyone and ENJOY the summer!

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