Talk Culottes to Me

Talk Culottes To Me

Our new favorite fall obsession: Culottes.

Culottes are going to take you back in time a little bit and add a lot of flare into your life.

Now this type of culotte might be where your mind is taking you:

Talk Culottes To Me

Denim, decorated and just dandy!

But this look from Free People really isn’t for everyone. And honestly, you kind of have to have a certain body type to pull these off. For instance, a shorty like me (I’m 5’2″) may not look as great in super flared capri’s compared to a taller lady.

But shorties, don’t fret! There are different types of culottes out there, ones that aren’t so…drastic.

With the culottes we’re about to showcase, ANY body type can pull these babies off! Who’s ready to get their life changed?!

Talk Culottes To Me

HOW ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL IS THIS CULOTTE ROMPER!!?!!! Yep, yep, it’s a one piece. Which make is the EASIEST outfit for you to rock on a Friday night! All you need is a cute pair of shoes!

The off-the-shoulder style is super flattering on everyone and the loose fit makes it super comfy. You’re going to be able to dance all night!

These colors are perfect for fall. Would even be great for a fall wedding!

If you’re not a fan of floral patterns, you might want to go “Plain Jane” with your culotte romper….

Talk Culottes To Me

Why, HELLO GORGEOUS! Keep it simple with our all black culotte. Add a simple shoe, or you have the freedom to add a crazy, colorful shoe! The world is yours.

If you would like to grab one of our amazing culottes for fall, email us your size and which color you’d like to and we can send you an invoice, then ship it right to your door.

OR you can make sure you follow us on social media (@shoptaylormonroe) and find out when and where our mobile boutique will be so you can shop all of our new, fall arrivals!

See all of your lovely ladies soon!



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