Talk Halloween Makeup To Me

Talk Halloween Makeup To Me

Halloween is almost here – YAY! Most of you probably already have your costume planned, but if you’re anything like me, you’re still stuck looking at Pinterest every night trying to figure out what the perfect costume will be this year!

When it comes to Halloween, I sometimes procrastinate up until like the day before the parties I’m going to. But I’ve decided this year will be different! I know you’re totally bombarded with awesome Halloween costume every day, so I have a new idea. I’m going to focus more on my makeup, rather than buying some expensive costume that I’m never going to wear again!

But what if I’m also pretty terrible at makeup – and as in makeup, I mean turning myself into a character for Halloween. Yeah, I can handle the normal contouring, lip lining and eye shadow, but this seems like an entire new realm of face painting.

If you’re feeling the same way…and you also don’t want to spend a ton of money on colorful makeup you’ll also probably never wear again, then stay tuned! I’ve done my research, ladies!

Below are some beautiful, awesome Halloween Makeup ideas, that are also fairly simple!

Ready or not, here they come!


Talk Halloween Makeup To Me

This fearless Kitty is a Halloween classic. Spice it up with some bright green contact lenses and a fun black outfit! Don’t forget your tail and ears to go with it!!


Talk Halloween Makeup To Me

I know, I know – the killer clown stuff going around is NOT cool. But when you dress up like an adorable, hipster clown like this, WHO CARES?!

Throw on one of our plaid dresses with some thigh high stockings or boots, and you’ll be rockin’ it this Halloween!


Talk Halloween Makeup To Me

The deer makeup is still cute, but I’m taking it to the next ‘animal’ level this year with this super simple and adorable giraffe makeup! Throw on some neutral clothing; pants, shirt, dress, boots, scarf, etc. Put you hair in two knotted pigtails on top of your head and you’ve got a Halloween costume! Easy peasy.


This one is for the squad:

mayratouchofglam has got it down with her Snapchat Filter Halloween Makeup tutorials! And they’re honestly not as hard as you think! AND the biggest beauty of choosing this as your Halloween costume is that you can wear whatever the heck you want! Pick your favorite one, then have your girlfriends (or boyfriends) pick there’s so you can all go as a huge clan of Snapchat wonders!


Talk Halloween Makeup To Me

OH MY GOODNESS. Have you ever seen a teddy bear this cute? Throw on your fur jackets and some brownish or black clothing and be the most cuddly thing on Halloween. This makeup is also super easy and can be done with products you already own! No need to go out and buy more colors.


So which one is your favorite? I still can’t choose. But I do know that I am SO excited for Halloween this year!! What are everyone’s plan? I always head to the Oregon District for their Halloween party! They have live music, food trucks and a costume contest.

Tag me if you try out any of these Halloween makeup ideas and have fuuuun!!!




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