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Hello pretties! How is summer going so far? Having fun by the beaches, laying out under the sun? Do you go out with your friends on movie dates or food trips? Going on adventures to find some Pokemon on Pokemon Go?! Or are you just chilling inside your room playing your favorite songs? Whatever you do, I hope you are having loads of fun!

Anyway, summer ends in about two months (WHAT!?)! Who’s excited to go back to school? (yay!) Unless it’s your first year away at college, you’re probably not too thrilled, LOL!

One thing that is challenging when thinking about college or even high school, is how to save up during school year, since sometimes we buy things out of impulse when we really have a tight budget.

Well, you’re in luck! I’ve got some cool ideas here that should really help you all! I’m going to share my tips on how to save up during the school year!! GET READAY!

1. Try the 365 Day Penny Challenge

saving money

How about you start saving up pennies? Are you ladies aware of the 365 Day Penny Challenge? It’s really simple! And it would really be worth it after a year! You wouldn’t even notice that you have already saved a lot! Perfect idea!

2. Plan your budget wisely

saving money

Don’t just go around the town spending your money! It’s hard to survive when you have nothing more to spend by the end of the semester! List out the things you have purchased. Also, write a list of your needs (FOOD) and wants. This will help you prioritize.

3. Do not spend too much on your credit card

saving money

Credit cards are magnificent creatures, BUT they’re not just free money! Always remember that a credit card is more like a loan! So manage your purchases wisely & pay off that debt as soon as you can!

4. Quit your vices!

saving money

Do you smoke? A pack of cigarettes might not be that expensive, but if you check the number of packs you have bought for a year, you might end up realizing that you have waaaay spent on it too much. So quit! It might be hard at first but trust me, you can do it! Don’t drink too much as well! We don’t have anything to cry about tonight, do we? *wink*

5. Never skip classes!

saving money

Now why did I put this here? Well, this is the main reason we go to school! Skipping classes is simply throwing your money out the window. It’s useless to be saving money only to end up not getting what you are paying for in your school. GO LEARN SOMETHING AND MAKE YOURSELF PROUD!


I hope some of these tips helped you guys out! For now, enjoy the rest of your summer and don’t forget to check out some of our items on sale on the website! Keep up with our Instagram page for more updates! >>>


Hugs and kisses!



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