Talk Mother’s Day To Me

Talk Mother's Day To Me

What?! It’s already Mother’s Day?! That snuck up on us, didn’t it? Aside from a gift certificate to the salon and spa, that bouquet of flowers, and a card, here are some last-minute gift ideas you can get your mom this weekend!


Talk Mother's Day To Me

“Mom, where’s this? Where’s that?” Well, everything should be in this bag! This is the perfect gift for your mom (or even to yourself) especially if she is always taking vacations to the beach! Which is totally ideal for every mom out there, that’s for sure! P.S. This beach bag is REVERSIBLE! Yup! Check it out online today (; OR come into the shop to get it by Sunday!

Talk Mother's Day To Me

These tops paired with casual jeans and these cute sandals should do the trick!!! Your mom will surely love this, and will definitely wear it every weekend (if not everyday! LOL). But really, these sandals are the bomb.

  • Accessories

Talk Mother's Day To Me

Who doesn’t love to accessorise? Your mom will go crazy over these clutches and jewelries!

  • Sunglasses

Talk Mother's Day To Me











Oh, and don’t forget to add in these cute sunglasses! Just this alone will make your mom look fab, even without makeup – perfect for lazy days!

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Head over to the boutique today and do your last-minute shopping or visit our website! Don’t forget to greet your mom a Happy Mother’s Day for us, too!!!

What are you planning to give your mom this weekend? Let us know on social media!


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