Talk Presidential Election To Me

Talk Presidential Election To Me

If you don’t know this already, we live in a state that has always played a very important role in each Presidential Election. Now, I’m not trying to start any kind of political argument here, I simply want to educate all of you beautiful ladies on why it is so important for you to VOTE in this upcoming election.

Talk Presidential Election To Me


Ohio is an amazing state to live in. We get to experience summer, fall, winter and spring and all the fashion glories that come with these seasons. Sure, winter can be exhausting and seems like it lasts forever, but that makes summer THAT much better!

Besides the diverse weather conditions we have here in Ohio, we are also a very diverse state in general…

“It’s that traditionally it’s been a good microcosm of the country as a whole. No state is a perfect mirror but Ohio comes very close. Religion, race, age, economic diversity, you get a very good mirror. When the U.S. is divided politically, that division tends to run right through Ohio.” (

This totally makes sense!! Even just going to colleges in Ohio, you can see the immense diversity. You meet people from farm towns, the city, other countries, and much more. It’s very cool that we are able to be so cultured right here in little old Ohio!

Talk Presidential Election To Me

Here’s a fun fact: No republican candidate has EVER won the White House without Ohio’s vote!

No matter which side you’re on, you want to make sure you get your vote in to help the candidate you want (or DON’T want) in office.

If you’re registered to vote, make sure you’ve watched all the debates and get the facts about each candidate before you go into that voting booth. I found this website that is NON-BIASED so you can get started on your research!


Get excited for our country’s future and stay involved!!! You are the future and you do make a difference. 

Talk Presidential Election To Me




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